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sigaflux hose valve

Open body - Pneumatic Control

The Sigaflux Sleeve Valve is used in general industries as control equipment for their ability to vary the restriction to fluid flow in response to a command received as standard signal.


It combines robustness, versatility and high performance in the control of fluids, abrasives or corrosives, with rubber hoses as the sole element of wear and contact with the product being transported, to a modulating opening and closing control system with flow characteristics via software.


It incorporates electromagnetic positioner, microprocessor and magnetic sensor of position without mechanical contact, via Hall effect. It uses various communication protocols and is shaped over the current signal, not requiring an external source. The signals can be 4 to 20 mA + HART, foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA.


Type: BP
Body: Open
Activation: Pneumatics with flow control

controle tabelal bp.jpg
Technical drawing
tecnico 1 controle.jpg
tecnico 2 manual.gif
tecnico 2 controle.jpg
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