Tire sealants

Heavy Duty e Armor-Seal
Maximize tire life with solution for all types of problems
  • Realistic treatment; It does not cost more than the total cost of a tire repair.

  • Increases tire life by up to 20%.

  • It avoids up to 95% of all floor holes in tubeless tires and can be used on camper tires.

  • The Heavy Duty Grade Product seals holes up to 15mm and the Armor-Seal saddles holes up to 30mm.

  • It paralyzes most of the leaks by micro holes and lack of adjustment of the bead to the rim.

  • Reduces fuel costs by maintaining tire pressure correctly.


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features and technical information:
  • Reduces your C02 emissions.

  • It does not prevent conventional tire repair or retreading.

  • Unlimited life and can be re-used.

  • Not dangerous.

  • Easy to install and not a rubber-based product.

  • It should be used at tire pressures above 2.5psi.

  • Freezing point -35 ° C.

  • Supplied in buckets of 20 liters, with installation pump and instruction manual.

  • COSHH information available.

  • It can be easily removed with normal tap water using pressure.


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