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coin pattern floor 500x500MM

The flooring coin is also known by the names rubber floor, coin and tablet. It is manufactured in dimensions 500 x 500 x 3.8mm in black color.


Anti-slip is produced from elastomers developed to withstand impact and abrasion. The product is ecologically correct because it is possible to reuse in its formulation materials that have already been used.

Where to apply: in places where the environment requires anti-slip safety, protection of the floor on which it will be applied and as decoration. It is widely applied in stairs, home fitness gyms, spa, hotels, industries, schools, shopping malls, airports, supermarkets, schools, football stadiums, bus stations, metro stations, railway stations, maritime terminals, subways and trains, buckets pick - ups, banking establishments, etc.

How to apply: Rubber Trade flooring is easy to apply but it is recommended that it be done by professionals trained in this type of work because polychloroprene rubber based adhesives and organic solvents that produce flammable and toxic gases are used.

Cleaning: Use only water with neutral detergent. Solvents and removers can damage the rubber floor.

Weight: 4 (kg)
Thickness: 3.8 (mm)
Width: 500 (mm)
Length: 500 (mm)
Black color

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