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3x abrasion curve
nominal diameter

Type: Curve

Description: Curved hose made of various rubber compounds. They are flexible and resistant, eliminate problems related to vibrations, angular and axial deflections.

Application: For suction and discharge of abrasive materials in pulps or dry and corrosive liquids with working pressure up to 300LBS. Used in mining, steel, cement, fertilizer, sand pulp, sanitation, etc.


Color: Black


Construction: Inner pipe: * Abrasion; Composed of natural rubber (high resilience and resistance to abrasion and tearing).


Reinforcement: Polyamide fabric and spring steel wire.


Coverage: Composed of synthetic rubber, resistant to abrasion, ozone, (corrosion when indicated) and tearing.


Line: Abrasives


Terminals: Bipartite type Atlas (threaded) | With handle | Fullface ANSI B. 16.5 | Rotating ANSI B 16.5 | Niples | Challenges | Special Terminals |

Temperature: 80 ° C


Sensor: This product can be supplied with wear sensor which signals the optimum moment of its replacement.Not applicable for straight terminals, handle or atlas.

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