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1.5x abrasion curve
nominal diameter

Type: Curve

Description: Curved mangoes made of various rubber compounds. They are flexible and resistant, eliminate problems related to vibrations, angular and axial deflections.

Application: For suction and discharge of abrasive materials in pulps, or dry and corrosive liquids with working pressure up to 300LBS. Used in mining, steel, cement, fertilizer, sand pulp, etc.


Color: Black


Construction: Inner pipe: * Abrasion; Composed of natural rubber (high resilience and resistance to abrasion and tearing).


Reinforcement: Polyamide fabric and spring steel wire.


Coverage: Composed of synthetic rubber, resistant to abrasion, ozone, (corrosion when indicated) and to tear


Line: Abrasives


Terminals: With handle | Fullface ANSI B. 16.5 | Rotating ANSI B 16.5 | Niples | Challenges | Special Terminals |


Temperature: 80 ° C


Sensor: This product can be supplied with wear sensor that signals the optimum moment of its replacement. Not applicable in the use of straight terminals, wrist or Atlas

Curva abrasão.jpg